Electronic Archiving System

Advantages of Archive

Archeif has the latest features to suit all government and private sectors over more than 20 years of work and promotion. The program combines ease of use, workflow dynamics and speed of performance, as well as security and encryption of all scanned documents.

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Leenamar concept of e-archiving with diverse experiences with all sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and complete solutions for e-archiving is that the experience is the best proof. Here is the link to make a request a trail visit of the program yourself, with the possibility to communicate with us in the event of any query or question

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Archive Technical Specifications

Speed of performance was the first challenge in dealing with a large number of files and electronic documents and dealing with databases in the concept of NoSQL, which allows the indexing of files consistently and power without stopping work. In the Archive program we introduced the latest technology and features offered by Microsoft with its latest software innovations.

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Scanning Documents Archief Leenamar

Scanning Documents

The ability to scan from any scanner available within offices or central scanners with the latest technology to identify all versions and companies of scanners without the hassle of programmatic intervention and manual identification

Multi Connectivity

Multiple Connectivity

The program is ready for multi-linking regardless of the type or method of connection, whether local or link several branches

Search Archief Leenamar


Advanced search algorithms that do not exceed two seconds of search and sorting of documents based on dynamic data

Encoding Files Archief Leenamar


Encode paper files, which produce a QR code until the original paper file is accessed in a neat and correct way and know the exact location with the possibility to know a simple profile of the content of this file

Users Permissions Archief Leenamar


Create and assign dynamic permissions to a user or multiple users with user permissions and roles that suit his or her work

Leenamar Archeif Dynamic Froms

Dynamic Forms

Create and reverse the hierarchy of structures within the system and the possibility of building models in a dynamic way without a programmatic intervention, which reflects this model documents to be archived and saved in the program

Encription Data in Archief Leenamar


Encrypt the files before saving them in the program using effective encryption techniques and the inability to open any file outside the program, which in turn guarantees the user the full confidentiality of all transactions regardless of the degree of confidentiality.

AD or Normal User

Add Local Users or From AD

You can create local users who do not belong to the Active Directory or link to the Active Directory within the organization by searching for users and add them to Archief program.

Responsive Archief Leenamar


The ability of Archief program is the compatibility with different screen sizes to display the program in all different environments and devices using the latest technology for user interfaces, which reflects the performance of the user is appropriate and effective with the program.