About us

Alleen & Al-Aamar for Trade and Information Technology was established on 20/1/1424 AH. According to the Commercial Register no. 1010184627. An unprecedented growth and development to cover all aspects of life and is an essential part of the lives of individuals and communities and a cornerstone of the economy and business. Every day, it poses a number of challenges and the need to find appropriate solutions to the requirements of the times. The company has dedicated itself in the IT market in the Kingdom since early .. It has provided its services to its valued customers in the public and private sectors and in all regions and cities of the Kingdom.
We at Leanmar Foundation chose a range of vital services that are consistent with the nature of our specialties and capabilities and claim that we are in a leading position in which we have performed and are still efficiently and competently, and today we are more determined to persevere and diligence.

Our Services:

From the first moment of the start of the activity of the institution realized that the nature of the IT market is full of difficulties and challenges and unity of competition .. And that this market is constantly moving because of the rapid acceleration of scientific development related to this technology, and that there is new with every sunrise .. And there are needs and renewed requirements necessitating finding Solutions have been diversified to serve the world in all aspects of life, whether governments, companies or individuals.

Our Goal

Despite the challenges we face on a daily basis, we continue to reap success by adding new customers to our customer database, increasing our market share, encouraging new technologies and, most importantly, building expertise to meet the demands of emerging technologies.


We believe that the human is the beginner of things and is finished .. It is the first and the ultimate goal, as we realize that the higher the level of human rehabilitation and training rose with him the level of performance and efficiency and elevated production. Therefore, human resources are at the heart of our concerns and our top priority.

One Team:

We claim that we have our own philosophy in this regard, which is based on spreading the spirit of the working group and deepen a sense of belonging to him and the institution, and that each member of the team and its importance regardless of its rank and position.


We strive to attract qualified and qualified manpower and develop appropriate plans for training and raise the rate of qualification and efficiency in order to reach the highest levels of performance in terms of quality of production and volume of productivity, and we will continue to bet on our workforce to achieve success and meet the challenges of the usual.