Electronic Archiving Extensions

File Storage Solutions

We in Leenamar have provided archiving solutions for more than 20 years with all its solutions. One of these solutions is to provide the facilities with automatic and electrical stores to keep the files in line with the work of the establishment and storage space.
As well as contracting and dealing with leading companies in this area and sophisticated modern systems that suit all places and forms of archives, the forms of documents:

  • A rotary shelf system that allows you to take advantage of the high spaces within the archiving rooms. This system is a modern system for storing files. The goal is to increase the storage capacity and facilitate the search by entering the file number with the possibility to give powers to a certain number of users. Warning if the file is being used by someone who is not authorized
  • The mobile shelving system is the best solution to utilize the available space compared to the traditional shelving system. The corridors between the units are canceled and only one lane is left. Therefore, the storage space increases by 80%. The system consists of mobile bases operated by mechanics or electricity. Wheels that ensure proper transport.

Supply of Professional Scanners

One of our leading works in the field of electronic archiving is the scanning of all forms and sizes of documents, so we only accept the quality of scanners with the highest specifications and high capacity of the best international companies.
We supply scanning devices for various uses and successful companies at the customer’s request and what they need for such devices. The professional scanners are not the same as the office or household appliances. They are more professional and they are of a large size and vary in size with the size of the paper to be smeared. In some devices, scanners can speed up to 200 sheets per minute with a high resolution, with the ability to automatically adjust the paper and cut all the blanks in excess of paper size. All these possibilities vary by manufacturer and modulator.

Document Files

The supply of files has become normal for all office and stationery processing companies, but in Leenamar we do not supply files with standard specifications because we believe that keeping documents is our highest priority no matter how different the customer’s establishment is.
Bacteria, fire, water, and rotting files contain a polypropylene feature that helps keep files protected from factors that may affect paper quality. The use of such files is necessary in light of the spread and expansion and the possibility of reference to the archive, in this case, it is necessary to ensure that the condition and quality of the paper are not affected by natural factors or disasters caused by technical errors, God forbid.

Encoding Files and Arranging

One of the advantages of our archiving system “Archief” is the ability to encode files and their order with the possibility to know the path of the file allocated to them and a simple overview of the content inside.
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The encoding, sorting, and archiving inventory of archival repositories is one of our specialties in this field. We restructure and rearrange files and documents in the archive rooms. The committees can also be formed to destroy documents according to the National Center for Documentation and Archives. Establishment Sections. Encoding plays an important role in archiving so that it is easy to find and return documents to their proper and correct location.

Availability of Leenamar systems of keeping files and documents modern and latest technology in this area. Leenamar has worked with several sectors to supply these solutions and has been a leader in this field for various business or governmental activities around Saudi Arabia.