Tascent Enterprise Suite

Tascent Enterprise Suite

Comprehensive platform for biometric identity

Secure, scalable, and easy-to-use, Tascent Enterprise Suite represents a thoroughly modern approach to biometric identity software. Delivering comprehensive capabilities in a way that’s simple and intuitive, Tascent Enterprise Suite makes it easy to deploy and manage complete biometric identity systems.

A biometric identity system you’ll love to use

We’ve comprised a suite of advanced biometric software capabilities with a human-centric approach to design. Built with critical user groups in mind, Tascent Enterprise Suite makes adoption frictionless and natural by distilling powerful identity capabilities into sophisticated, user-friendly software.

Match with confidence

Reliably match with iris, face, and fingerprint using advanced, scalable algorithms

Optimize enrollment

Identity data management can be performed on desktop and mobile devices via user-friendly interfaces

Manage secure transactions

Identities are securely translated, converted, and routed through each step using industry-standard encryption

Drive actionable intelligence

Intuitive tools provide robust data and analytics from identity and transactional data

Streamline device administration

Easily configure and manage devices, apps, and edge data deployed across the enterprise

A comprehensive biometric identity platform, Tascent Enterprise Suite includes the following products:

تاسنت البصمات الحيوية

Identity App Suite

تاسنت البصمات الحيوية

Identity Engine

تاسنت البصمات الحيوية

Device Manager

تاسنت البصمات الحيوية


تاسنت البصمات الحيوية

Transaction Manager

تاسنت البصمات الحيوية

Performance Analytics

Built for Flexibility

بناء تاسنت على أساس المرونة

Integrate and deploy with ease

Designed from the outset to be modular and open, Tascent Enterprise Suite enables tailored biometric identity capability for a wide range of applications. Integrate the whole suite of services or standalone products, and seamlessly connect with existing back-end identity capabilities, biometric software, and other third-party technologies.

Designed for devices

The Enterprise Suite unleashes the full potential of Tascent’s leading-edge biometric devices, while also providing the flexibility to integrate with devices from other providers. Leveraging a core focus on open architecture systems, Tascent Enterprise Suite enables partners and customers to integrate the tools that best meet their needs.

A Thoughtful Approach to Privacy

Privacy by Design

تاسنت التصميم والحلول المرنة والأداء الأفضل

Tascent has designed and built its identity products in the modern era and has seized the opportunity to proactively implement current privacy best practices from the outset.

Flexible Solutions

تاسنت التصميم والحلول المرنة والأداء الأفضل

Tascent’s systems can be deployed on-premises or in private or public cloud. As a solution provider, Tascent follows the customer’s lead regarding solution configurations, within the boundaries of relevant regulations.

Connected to Best Practices

تاسنت التصميم والحلول المرنة والأداء الأفضل

Tascent is a responsible implementer of biometric technologies. Through membership of the Biometrics Institute and attendance at identity industry seminars and workshops, we maintain a global perspective on privacy regulations and best practices.

Identity Solutions & Software Services

Tascent’s Identity Solutions team provides biometrics expertise to help partners customize identity systems that meet business needs. From architecting the system, driving tailored development and integration, to executing deployment and training, Tascent’s Identity Solutions Team helps organizations successfully harness the power of biometrics.

Tascent and Leenamar

Solution definition

Architecting identity systems to meet business needs

Tascent and Leenamar


Driving bespoke development and system integration

Tascent and Leenamar


Executing deployment, training, and handover