InSight One Self-Service Solutions for Biometrics

Introducing InSight One Self-Service Solutions

Powerful biometric identity solutions tailored for self-service applications

Highly intuitive and uncompromising in biometric capabilities, the Tascent InSight One is available in versatile form factors to enhance self-service experiences. With InSight One Self-Service Solutions, harness the power of biometrics to streamline processes, optimize resources, and enhance the level of service to end users.

Streamline processes

Optimize efficiency and automation

Increase security

Enhance level of service to end users

Powerful and intuitive face and iris capabilities are available in a variety of form factors to support a wide range of self-service applications.

InSight One OEM Module

for kiosk integration

InSight One

for eGate applications

InSight One ID Station

for biometric enrollment and identification

Delivering a groundbreaking combination of outstanding biometric performance and a human-centric design approach to self-service applications.

Tascent InSight One OEM Module

Tascent’s award-winning InSight One is available as an embeddable OEM module to provide robust iris and face biometric capabilities for kiosk and other self-service touchpoints.

The InSight One OEM Module enables integrators to bring biometric enrollment, identification, and verification in self-service kiosks to enhance the experience and security of services provided. Delivering the same automation, capture volume, and capture speed of the InSight One, the OEM Module packages exceptional biometric performance in a form factor tailored for kiosk integration.



Tascent InSight One ID Station

The InSight One ID Station is a compact footprint, free-standing kiosk that enables automated biometric enrollment and identification.

This form factor extends the high-quality face and iris capabilities of the InSight One with the option to integrate a fingerprint, MRTD (machine-readable travel document), or a barcode scanner. The ID Station delivers real-time feedback and enables intuitive operation, even for non-acclimated users.





Barcode Scanner

Machine-Readable Travel Document

Tascent InSight One for eGates

Because of its very fast, highly automated image capture, InSight One is ideal for eGate applications, including air travel and physical access control. Available with a variety of mounting options, InSight One can integrate with access gates to remove the need for manual identity checks. By delivering automated face and iris recognition capabilities, InSight One enables organizations to streamline processes, optimize resources, and provide swift, secure, and contactless passage.



Tascent Insight One for more information

Tascent Self-Service Solutions set the stage for intelligent, intuitive biometric identity solutions powering a wide range of next-generation applications.

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Consumer travel

Visitor management

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Payment authorization

Financial services

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Ticketing and events