System Maintenance

Objectives of the System:

The maintenance system aims to automate the maintenance work procedures for the maintenance department in the supply sector.
The system ensures to maintain the various mechanisms and equipment to work better and at the lowest cost and guarantee the quality of repair and maintenance of machines, equipment, and devices. Speed repair and reduce downtime, which leads to improving and developing the conditions of maintenance workshops in the sector, keeping pace with technical development in maintenance work and its quality, and enabling system users to perform some tasks automatically through the system that serves the sector, which can be limited to the advantages of the system.

System Advantages:

  • Standardization of the work method in the maintenance centers in all regions and sectors, which achieves many other objectives such as easy access to information and easy delivery and receipt of work among workers and speed and efficiency of performance.
  • Ensure the quality of repair and maintenance of the mechanisms.
  • Quickly repair the mechanisms and reduce downtime.
  • Easily monitor and follow up the work done in the maintenance centers of one area and the speed of data circulation between them by informing more than one party at the same time on the latest data update.
  • Reduce manual work and rely on automated system to achieve accuracy and speed in business performance.
  • Registration of the data of the vehicles and their attachments.
  • Provide integrated data on mechanisms, repairs and maintenance.
  • Easy access to reports of maintenance work and replacement parts for the mechanism.