Training and Scholarship System

Objectives of The System:

The Training and Scholarship System aims to carry out all organizational work related to the Training and Scholarship Department, by registering course and enrollment information, information on courses, attendance and authorization for employees of the sector in each course, as well as nominating for graduate studies, joining and passing them, issuing exchange decisions such as scholarship allowance and course allowance. Detailed and statistical movements and data.

System Advantages:

  • Follow-up sessions held internally and externally and candidates.
  • Registration of the training bodies that benefit from them in the required training and specialization.
  • Registration of centers, institutes and higher educational institutions that benefit them in the required education and specialization.
  • Follow-up of graduates enrolled in the system.
  • Evaluation of candidates for graduate studies with evaluation criteria for some.
  • Follow-up employees to the University or the National Institute on their own accounts.
  • Exclude or enroll a trainee in a training course according to his regularity or initiation.
  • Modification of academic qualification as a result of passing postgraduate studies or university study.
  • Prepare the necessary reports for the achievements of the Training and Scholarship Department and its activities.