Processing and Repair Documents


معالجة الأوراق والترميم

It is known to specialists and experts in the field of preservation, treatment and restoration, that all paper containers of all kinds (manuscripts – publications – documents – maps – Grand – periodicals) and located in centers, libraries and other government agencies that have an important paper archive exposed to the same injuries and damage due to surrounding ambiguity By (natural – chemical – biological). Therefore, in order to avoid all these dangers resulting from these injuries, they must carry out specialized work to ensure the safety of the paper stock inside the warehouses.


It Is One Of The Most Important Treatment Processes. It is Ensuring The Safety Of The Stock Of Biological Infections (Insects – Fungi – Bacteria). These infections infect The Paper Vessels Because These Vessels Are A Safe Haven For These Organisms. On The Other Hand, The Greatest Danger Lies In Its Ability to Mobility From One stock To Another In The Warehouse, Thus Move From The Infected Vessels To noninfected ones. The Sterilization is done by Using Special Devices Using Natural Gases Environmentally Friendly And Most Important Gas Nitrogen.

Treatment Processing:

These operations are concerned with the treatment of paper vessels from all the injuries that may be present in them as follows:

  • Dry cleaning of sand and dust.
  • Wet cleaning to rid the paper bowl of stains and color impregnation.
  • Adjusting the high acidity in the paper vessels.
  • Optical oxidation treatment.

Manual Restoration:

This restoration is concerned with the restoration of all kinds of wear and tear and fragments in manuscripts and historical documents that need special attention using individual restorer tools and natural restoration materials.

Automatic Restoration:

This restoration is concerned with the restoration of all types of wear and tear in the publications using the automatic restoration device, pure cellulosic fibers and quantitative system.


Thermoforming is the process of restoring elasticity and durability of the damaged fabric of printed papers, which cannot be treated with solutions, especially newspapers, maps and books. In this process, transparent fibrous strips are applied to the surfaces of sheets of papers by using a thermo pressure device.

Manuscript binding:

Binding of manuscripts is carried out in the same manner and using same conventional materials of sewing and plotting. Worn out binders will be restored and re-installed on the manuscript. Manuscripts with missing binders will be fitted with new binders identical in form and substance to the old transparent fibrous binders that we integrate to the surface of papers using the thermoforming device.

Binding of Publications:

We bind old rare books in the same manner by using same conventional materials of binding manuscripts. Binding of modern books will be carried out by applying the same currently used technical methods and materials.

Manufacture of Boxes for Safe Keeping of Manuscripts and Documents:

This is a very important process because the storage box protects its contents from any external negative impact that can destroy such contents. Boxes are made of raw materials suitable for storage of paper containers for hundreds of years without adversely affecting these containers.