Alarm Systems and Metal Detector Devices

Alarms Devices and full control

Multiple alarms are provided according to the appropriate requirements of the establishments, whether for fire systems, smoke sensors, theft or motion sensors. Full control of the warning and evacuation process and taking full preventive measures

Engineering Drawing and Project Planning

We work in the field of alarms professionally, and the start of work is to plan projects to determine the location of alarms and sensors and sensors so that linked to each other within a complete system. The plans vary according to the different division of the establishment and the need to work to cover the area and the site in full.

The equipment is fully connected

In our projects we rely on leading companies in the field of high-efficiency warning, which are subject to international and local standards and standards. The process of linking and choosing the appropriate depends on the required features and the desired purpose of alarms that are necessary even in simple places.

Metal Detectors

Airport work

The extension of airports security gates and metal detectors and inspection rooms for bags and personal purposes backed by the latest technology and warning in case any suspicious pieces were discovered.

Border guards work

Automatic and self-detecting devices with display screens in the event of detecting any strange material or parts. It can also be detected through the use of hand tools for vehicles and travel bags.

Security gate works

Provide commercial centers and sensitive installations that require protection and detection devices with steel fenders, surveillance cameras and devices that scan vehicles and people automatically.