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Scanning Documents Leenamar

Site Survey

The leenamar team conducts the necessary study and analysis, and then develops an appropriate perception of the client’s archive and implementation plan. This process is limited to all documents and papers to be archived and vary according to the quality of paper and the size of one paper. This questionnaire includes all the necessary information and the necessity of the status of documents and files before starting work that makes it clear to all teams. The facility can also download the Survey so that this form can be filled out and sent to us with the quotation request.

When filling out the form
The following important points must be considered:

  • The quantities of documents and papers are approximate so that the size of the work to be worked and the duration of the project will be known
  • The size of the paper, where the scanners differ in different sizes of paper between A4 and A1, and therefore this influence affects the duration of the project
  • Current storage method for enumeration and sorting methods before scanning and after scanning
  • Leenmar team’s place of business is one of the basic things that determine the way of work whether it is within the facility or at the headquarters of Leenamar
  • Specify the fields to be entered into a floating program that reflect these transaction fields in order to facilitate the search and quick and direct access to the required documents

Sort documents

The sorting phase comes as a second stage in which all transactions and files to be archived are sorted and divided by department in cooperation with the project manager assigned by the establishment until the desired goal is reached at all stages of electronic archiving.

In the document sorting phase, the following aspects are considered:

Number 1
Sort by department to which each document belongs.
Number 2
Sorting by document serial number, this method is done in full cooperation with the project manager assigned by the establishment.
Number 3
Sorting by nature of the asset or document, ie grouping documents by description or content such that identities, invoices, engineering fees, projects … and so on.
Sort Documents*

Receive and deliver files

The receipt and delivery phase is the basic stage of the document exchange between the Linamar team and the facility team, so that the files and documents to be archived are exchanged.
In the process of receiving all the names of the files are written on official paper with an ID number for this process and the amount received from the files and the signature of the recipient of the team Linamar and the recipient of the team established by the date of receipt at the beginning of each day.
In the process of delivery is the same mechanism, but differs by mentioning the number of papers and images produced for each file and a different ID number at the end of each day.
At the end of the project it is necessary to match the names and number of receiving files with the names and number of delivery files.
All photos, receipts and deliveries are attached by the end of each day or as agreed upon with the facility. These documents are included in the project file for reference to all parties.

Receive And Deliver Files

Arrange documents

The stage of document arrangement in which the received files are arranged within several sub-stages until they are prepared for the scanning stage.The importance of this stage is the speed of completion of the work in scanning and arranging the files in a professional manner until it is scanned and returned as it was.

In the document arrangement stage, several sub-stages are produced:

Number 1
The stage of processing the files and documents received.
Number 2
Unscrew the internal pins inside the files and papers and arrange them for the scanning stage.
Number 3
Place each unit file to facilitate rewinding and scanning, and sort the internal transactions professionally to facilitate all the next stages
Arrange Files

Scan the sheets

The scanning stage is the most important in the stages of scanning docs for the accumulated files and is the core of this work, where it is necessary to take into account the alignment of pages and size when scanning and separators of each section of the files and each file is separate from the other so as not to confuse all papers and their order .

Scan The Sheets

Review the quality of outputs

Quality and assurance of the final image output, is an essential stage of the scanning process within the staff so that no file or image needs to be re-scanned or approved to complete the workflow by entering its data.

Review The Quality Of Outputs

Data entry

Enter data for transactions and specify fields in advance before starting scanning and each department or data section of their own, in the archive program we have the great advantages to create data entry fields dynamically allows search for the transaction and quick access to the desired file. The fields for the labor are the main and unique factors of each transaction until they are entered in the custom fields in the generated form and then allows the user to search these fields for the selected transaction.

Data Entry

Review the data

Input review is the last stage of the scanning process which allows to verify all inputs of the respective parameters and to ensure that all fields correspond to the same transaction, then adjust if necessary or confirm the inputs.

Review The Data