Fingerprint Devices and Surveillance Cameras and Accessories

Full control

Surveillance systems and protection from cameras and accessories, which vary in accuracy and characteristics of different manufacturers. It can also be made available by phone and large storage, which depends heavily on the activity of the establishment.
The Leeanamr for Security Construction Corporation relies on the strategic partnership between it and the camera companies so that it has become one of the most important providers in this field among several important projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Network digital video recorder and remote control isolated on white background

NVR / DVR storage devices

Storage devices are either Ethernet cable or Coaxial cable and mobile connectivity for quick access and remote control. In addition to return to register at a specific date and time

Hand on the control panel keyboard for monitor CCTV camera or plant industry on white.

PTZ camera control

High-performance PTZ cameras for large, 360-degree installations. These cameras can be controlled by a special controller to transfer or fix camera movement.

Discipline and permitted access

Fingerprint, attendance, exit and access control systems for some sensitive areas, which are classified as confidential even within the same facility, such as server rooms and information center.
The schedule of employees and linking them with different programs of attendance and exit programs and access permission either through fingerprint or dedicated card and programmed for one employee.