About Electronic Archiving System

Since 2003, Leenamar has been providing electronic archiving services, converting old and historical documents of all kinds (documents, drawings, instruments, pictures, microfilms, microfiche) into digital formats (TIFF, PDF, JPG, etc.) (Governmental and private) to automate its work and improve the level of its services in line with the recommendations of the various regulatory bodies such as the National Center for Documentation and Archives or the Monetary Authority. Hence the need to develop document management systems (electronic archiving) or document management systems, which is simply the process of photographing and indexing documents and make it an easy material trading and retrieval, which saves time, effort and money.

The archives in its general sense are the memory of the past, the present, and the future, and this concept is not different for people in ministries, bodies, companies, institutions, etc. The archive in this sense grows and swells in a cumulative manner that requires a number of procedures to organize it and facilitate its administration and circulation.


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